Located in charming Old Town Greenwood, Indiana, is Luxe Waxing and Skin Care, the premier destination for your waxing, facial, and skin care needs. Luxe offers personalized services for your unique skin type. Whether you are struggling recurring bouts of acne on your face or back, or want to reduce the time spent shaving unwanted hair and stay smooth for weeks instead of hours, Luxe has the perfect solution for you!

Luxe Waxing and Skin Care looks forward to serving you as a client with waxing or facials with personalized attention from our licensed and trained staff. Luxe strives to have the most satisfied clients in the Greenwood area!

Luxe can revitalize your skin and give you the elegant look you’ve dreamed of.
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Luxe. What is Luxe?
1. The condition of being elegantly sumptuous. 2. Something luxurious, a luxury
With a passion for the Beauty Industry, Luxe owner, Erin Kelle has always loved buying and trying new beauty products. Originally, Erin pursued her degree in cosmetology with an emphasis on hair; however, during her time in school, she found herself becoming more and more interested in the esthetics field. Erin stated, “I have always loved hair and makeup, but my passion is skin care.”

Luxe owner, Erin Kelle, focuses on all-natural ingredients. She is intrigued by the concept of harnessing the healing and protective power of nature, and in applying that to skin care. Erin’s desire through Luxe is to help people and encourage every client to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful.


“I care about my clients, and meeting their skin care needs. The thing that I love most about my career is the friendships I am able to build with my clients. It is my goal to not only meet my clients’ skin care needs, but to also be able to relate to each and every one. I want every client who walks out of Luxe to feel like they have received a luxurious experience and leave with silken, luxurious skin. I want every client to feel comfortable during their experience at Luxe whether they are in for a waxing session to achieve smooth, hair-free skin or relaxing during a Customized Spa Facial. I want every client to leave feeling beautiful and elegant. I very much appreciate the opportunity to assist you, and thank you for your interest in Luxe. Hope to meet you soon!”