Skincare Products


We wouldn’t ingest many of the products that we typically use on our skin. However, what many people don’t realize is that when we apply these products to our skin, these harmful ingredients are still absorbed into our bloodstream and actually do harm to our bodies on a cellular level.

At Luxe, we use 100% natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils in all of our skin care products. The difference between the products used at Luxe and product lines commonly used in other spas is that we use only pure ingredients, without any of the harsh, damaging, pore-clogging ingredients that are included in other skin care lines. Many other salons buy products that are made in a factory and pre-bottled, and they couldn’t even pronounce many of the ingredients, let alone list what each one is. At Luxe, we have taken the time to study and learn about the most effective and most natural products so that we could develop a system that will work for your specific needs and still be safe for your skin.

Your facial at Luxe is not only completely customized to your skin type and specific needs, but is also made fresh before each step of your facial. This allows us to ensure that every facial product is completely free of preservatives and chemicals. This means that your facial at Luxe will be 100% nourishing and healing for your skin!